Injectable Rhinoplasty

What is an Injectable or Non- Surgical Rhinoplasty?

As one of Australia’s leading ENT, Rhinoplasty and Facial Cosmetic Surgeons, Dr Mooney treats both medical and cosmetic flaws with a great innovation: Injectable rhinoplasty or non-surgical rhinoplasty.

“This is an exciting innovation in the world of plastic surgery, where synthetic fillers – hyaluronic acid or polyacrylamide gel – are injected into the nose to correct contour” Dr William Mooney explains.

Although Injectable Rhinoplasty cannot make a nose smaller in the well-documented Hollywood image of a ‘Nose Job’, “it can camouflage bumps and irregularities, straighten noses, and refine the appearance of the nose in both de novo patients and also following traditional Rhinoplasty”. The result? Flawless facial symmetry.


Post images are taken between 3 to 12 months
after procedure. Individual patient results may
vary, these pictures do not in any way guarantee
a specific outcome. View DISCLAIMER


The Procedure

“The procedure is two part,” explains Dr Mooney. “Part one is the formal navigation of medical history and ensuring the patient is fully aware of the procedure and the results. Then, we take photographs into account so we can pinpoint the finite area of treatment,” he explains.
Patients then undergo a trial of saline injection, continues Dr Mooney. “This is a brilliant ‘try-before-you-buy’ option where patients can see, feel and experience what the formal injection will be like.”

“The saline injection is relatively painless,” he continues, “and the effect lasts about ten minutes – just long enough for the patient to get the best idea of what can be done.”
“The next part of the Injectable Rhinoplasty process is the actual injection,” he says, adding that this takes about half an hour and is performed under local anaesthetic. “It really is a simple and safe procedure with great results,” he assures of the flawless success rate of the procedure within his Bankstown and Bondi Junction Facial Cosmetic Surgery Practice. Pain is minimal, with an ice pack usually the most popular salve option post-injection! “After care may include a little swelling and rarely, minor bruising for 24 hours,” he adds, assuring that antibiotics are prescribed for a couple of days following, and a patient review undertaken within two weeks of the procedure.

Injectable rhinoplasty is an exciting, safe and effective treatment that when used with appropriate patients it can provide instant non-surgical results.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Frequently asked questions

Expect to spend about an hour with Dr William Mooney for a thorough rhinoplasty consultation. We always explore both injectable and formal rhinoplasty.

You will first be greeted by Dr Mooney’s receptionists, they will ask you to fill in a form with basic details.
One of Dr Mooney’s trained nurses will begin by taking high resolution images for subsequent digital images. The nurse will also provide a pre-consultation.
This is followed by a formal consultation with Dr William Mooney.
He will assess your full medical history and a medical examination is performed.
In particular, Dr Mooney will discuss any sinonasal problems or complaints and other associated problems with nasal dysfunction such as snoring or poor sense of smell and sinusitis.
Thorough examination ensues, Dr Mooney will perform a fibreoptic nasendoscopy examination and test nasal peak inspiratory flow to thoroughly assess your nasal function
We then move onto a cosmetic assessment, using our digital photography.
We use real time high resolution imagery in both 2D and 3D to plan a new nasal contour for you.
Dr William Mooney will then discuss operative planning, risks and complications.
We always have at least two consultations before the procedure. This cooling off period is essential as this is such an important life decision. It is a healthcare stipulation for young patients but we apply to all patients.
At our subsequent rhinoplasty consult we discuss the finer details of the pre-operative treatment; what to wear, eat, think and do as your operation approaches.
You will also revisit the digitally modified images and don’t move forward until the patient and doctor are fully appraised and happy with the plan.

Following your first injectable rhinoplasty consultation, the wait period for injectable rhinoplasty is between two to four weeks.

Injectable rhinoplasty is not painful procedure.

We have a wonderful component to the consultation, “try before you buy”! Dr Mooney will inject the nose with a saline solution, which is safe way to show the patient what formal injectable rhinoplasty will be like.
It allows the patient to touch and feel their nose, look at it from multiple angles and take photos.
Following the saline solution, the patient will have one of three options: do nothing, opt for formal rhinoplasty or move forward with injectable rhinoplasty.
The patient will return for a subsequent procedure day and takes up to 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Injectable rhinoplasty takes up to 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Sometimes bruising can ensue but it is fairly rare.

Time off is not required. Patients will be able to return to work immediately following the procedure.

Yes, Dr Mooney performs the injectable rhinoplasty procedure in clinic.

Injectable rhinoplasty can be performed as standalone procedure or as an adjunct to formal surgery. Dr Mooney has been using this technique since the advent of fillers in cosmetic use in 2002.

It is a very safe procedure; the greatest risk is a very rare vascular occlusion. Dr Mooney has not seen this but is prepared for its occurrence and will treat appropriately.

There is and Dr Mooney offers both options. We usually suggest patients begin with a semi-permanent because this is easily reversible and we like patients to be sure before they proceed with anything permanent.

Everybody metabolises hyaluronic acid’s at a different speed. Typically, we tell patients it lasts about a year. But things such as smoking, hyperthyroidism, heavy exercise and “high energy” individuals tend to metabolise it faster.
Permanent filler is not reversible and as its name states, permanent.

Everybody is different, we make this decision based on the volume to be filled and the skin type of the patient.

Typically, Dr Mooney will ask international patients to stay in Sydney for a few days following the injectable rhinoplasty procedure.

Typically, Dr Mooney will ask our interstate patients to stay in Sydney for a day following the injectable rhinoplasty procedure.

Injectable rhinoplasty is a purely cosmetic procedure and cannot be claimed via Medicare or a Private Health Fund.

Results are immediate but minor swelling and bruising may remain for a few days.

Injectable rhinoplasty should not deter you from exercising for more than one day.

There are semi-permanent and permanent options for injectable rhinoplasty.