Interstate and International Inquiries

Interstate and International Inquiries

Our practice prides itself on unparalleled client service and care. Dr William Mooney frequently treats patients from interstate and abroad, our team can assist in planning accommodation and nursing aftercare to make such visits simple, safe and smooth. Simply ask our staff about these options.

If you require additional support we recommend our partner concierge service, “Luxe Wellness”. Luxe Wellness will personally take care of everything you need – meeting and driving you to a reserved hotel, arranging nutritional food plans and delivery, pre and/or post procedure, coordinating nurses and carefully selected post-operative services including safe beauty treatments and more. Contact Brooke Stevenson.

We understand that traveling to Sydney for a consultation may seem daunting, therefore we offer a ‘pre-consultation’ over the phone or via Skype with Dr Mooney. It doesn’t replace a formal consultation, and if you are seriously considering surgery, you must have a face to face consultation with Dr Mooney in the Sydney practice, but it may answer some questions and put your mind at ease.
To make a phone consultation booking, simply call Dr William Mooney’s practice on 02 8897 0079.


Phone consultation: $250
Office consultation: $250-$440

(Fees are dependent on tests performed at time of consultation)