Our Practice

Since opening his busy practice in 2006, Dr William Mooney has developed a special interest in cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty, sinus complaints, voice and laryngology and head and neck cancer surgery.

In 2006, Dr Mooney opened the doors to his own private practice in Bankstown. Five years later, he launched his second private rooms in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, Bondi Junction.

Dr Mooney specialises in some of the most complicated and intricate forms of nose job surgery and facial plastic surgery including eyelid surgery, thread lifts, facial implants and otoplasty.

Dr William Mooney is the media’s go-to, leading Australian, ENT and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon. He has frequently appeared on Channel 9’s “Today: Extra” and Channel 7’s “The Morning Show” discussing the latest techniques and treatments, as a well respected thought leader in the industry.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is perhaps the most complex cosmetic procedure as it combines the treatment of both function and form; the nose not only has to look good it has to work well. A better nose tends to improve your health as well as your looks.

Dr Mooney is a specialist rhinoplasty  surgeon and currently performs the highest number of rhinoplasty procedures in Australia. You can be assured that your care is with a highly skilled and experienced surgeon.


Ready for a consultation?

Patient Appointments and Consultation Process

Your first visit provides an opportunity to meet Dr William Mooney and his team. Before you attend your appointment, all patients, including cosmetic patients will be required to provide a referral letter from your General Practitioner (GP).

Prior to your first consultation with Dr Mooney, think through your expectations, especially with cosmetic surgery so that you can discuss them openly with the doctor. Cosmetic and re-constructive surgery can improve your appearance and enhance your self-esteem, but it alone will not change your life. It is important to come with realistic expectations about achievable outcomes.

During your initial visit, Dr Mooney will explain the specifics of the procedure you want, using 2D and 3D imaging technology he will help you visualise potential end results. Dr Mooney will guide you in a realistic manner through what is achievable with your face structure. These before and after images can be then taken away personally at the end of the consultation so that you can also discuss the changes with your family, partner or friends. Often this process can take several consultations.

For patients with general ear, nose and throat concerns or non-cosmetic procedures Dr Mooney is often able to address many minor concerns in his rooms, however some patients will be referred for further consultations or possible surgery.

If surgery is required you will be given a full written quote and associated medical costs, and possible dates will be discussed for the surgery.

Although complications are rare, all surgeries, especially those that involve anesthesia, carry some risks. Dr Mooney will outline these for you based on the specific procedure. You will be asked to sign legal consent forms to show that you commit to the policies and procedures of the surgery and its associated risks.

As in any medical practice, all information about your visit is kept confidential.
Please call (02) 8897 0079 to make an appointment with Dr Mooney to discuss your needs further or please use our Online Enquiry Form to speak with our Patient Coordinator.