Lip Augmentation


The lip augmentation procedures increase the size of the lips to make them fuller and more attractive. Lip augmentation can also be used to treat ‘smokers lines’; fine vertical lines that can appear around the mouth.

The procedure is used to help women and men of all ages. The upper or lower lip may be treated singly, or both upper and lower lips may be augmented at the same time. Augmentation of the lip is achieved by injecting special medical fillers into the lip area.  Dr Mooney uses several products designed to achieve a fuller lip that are either temporary (3-6 months) or permanent.


Post images are taken between 3 to 12 months
after procedure. Individual patient results may
vary, these pictures do not in any way guarantee
a specific outcome. View DISCLAIMER



Temporary fillers are mostly made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that already exists in the human body. Permanent fillers are made from substances such as polyacrylamide hydrogel. These fillers are biologically inactive, stable and non-toxic.

Lip augmentation is given by a series of injections into or around the lip area. The needle used to deliver the treatment gel is very fine and most patients experience very minimal discomfort during this process. Areas that are more sensitive may require additional anaesthesia prior to the injection. The result directly after the treatment may not be the final result; as there may temporary swelling in the treated area. Normal activities can be resumed immediately following the injection.

Notes about the treatment
Lip augmentation is not recommended for people who have thin or loose skin in the area to be treated or who have unrealistic expectations for the results. Patients with immune disorders or keloid formers (thickened scars) should also proceed with caution and always consult their doctor before undergoing treatment.

What to expect after the procedure

Some common injection-related reactions might occur, such as redness, swelling, discomfort, itching, discoloration or tenderness at the injection site. Typically these side effects are short lived, with most discomfort gone within a week of the injection into the lips. Tissue disturbance and/or uneven results are uncommon. Pain relief such as paracetamol may be used to reduce swelling and relieve discomfort. Aspirin should be avoided as it may increase the chance of bruising in the treated area. Excessive movement in the area around the injection site is not recommended.

The patient should not expose the treated area to intense heat (e.g. solarium and sunbathing) or extreme cold for the first few days after the treatment. This is to avoid the risk of inflammation since the area has been disturbed by the injection procedure. However, once the products are integrated in the body they will adjust to a normal body temperature. Occasionally patients with almost no lip tissue at all need more extensive filling, and may be disappointed if relying on the usual amount of filler for correction. However, results are generally excellent and most patients are delighted with the outcome.

Please contact our Patient Coordinator through our Online Inquiry Form or call 02 8897 0079 to book a consultation today.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Frequently asked questions

Expect to spend about 45 minutes to an hour with Dr William Mooney for a thorough lip augmentation consultation.

You will first be greeted by Dr Mooney’s receptionists, they will ask you to fill in a form with basic details.
This is followed by a formal consultation with Dr William Mooney.
The components to lips are three; the cupids bow/outline of lip, the vertical height of the lip and vertical projection of the lip.
We encourage a natural lip look, lips are terrible when overdone and amazing when done properly.
Dr Mooney will assess your full medical history, discuss treatments you have had in the past and your concerns.
After listening to a patient concerns we look at their skin texture, quality and youthfulness, face volume, shape and whether filling, lifting or dropping is indicated.
It is important to make an accurate treatment plan with the patients desires and a natural look in mind. At the fore front, we give patients realistic outcome expectations and a time frame to see the changes being fulfilled.
Dr William Mooney will then discuss treatment planning, risks and complications.
We encourage a cooling off period before patients consider cosmetic restitution and welcome multiple consultations before we enact our treatment plan.
At our subsequent consult, we discuss the finer details and don’t move forward until the patient and doctor are fully appraised and happy with the plan.

The indication nowadays, after a full formal consultation, where the patient has been fully consented and alternative treatments have been discussed, Dr Mooney is comfortable to perform the lip augmentation immediately following.

There are different treatment modalities that are appropriate for different ethnicities, sexes and age groups.
Aging changes become universally apparent in your mid 30’s. That said, Dr Mooney firmly believes in a less is more ethos in his practice.
If patients are unsure of lip augmentation outcomes, we can do digital imaging in 3D using VECTRA technology and we can also use a saline solution as a temporary filler which approximates the hyaluronic acid (HA) outcome quite accurately. It is perfectly safe and lasts about 10 minutes or so, enough time to feel, touch and take a selfie of potential lips.
You must be over the age of 18 or have parental consent with presence.

The indication nowadays, after a full formal consultation, where the patient has been fully consented and alternative treatments have been discussed, Dr Mooney is comfortable to perform the lip augmentation immediately following. Alternatively, patients can make an additional appointment with a wait period of two to four weeks.

A lip augmentation can take 30 minutes.

No medical treatment is without side effects.
Pain, bruising and bleeding are all possible.
Ischemia (due to vessel occlusion) is a super rare but important complication to recognise. Should this occur we have the appropriate treatment regime set up to treat immediately.
Universally, dissatisfaction with the outcome is the number one problem that cosmetic injectors have and Dr Mooney is meticulous to avoid this complication in his practice with on point, pre-procedure planning.

No, pain is not a significant feature of a lip augmentation. We use ice, local anaesthetic cream (numbing cream) and gas for patient comfort. Most fillers contain local anaesthetic, numbing the lips in the first injection.

Yes, minor swelling with possible bruising can appear on the lip or mouth area, this resolves in a couple of days.
If patients are concerned about this, plan your work and social lives around the treatment dates.

No time off is required. Patient may experience some bruising and swelling but this resolves in a couple of days.
If patients are concerned about this, plan your work and social lives around the treatment dates.

Dr William Mooney himself performs injectables but he also has an incredible team of world class cosmetic nurses with between them, 1000 hours of experience and just as many satisfied patients.

This is often a good time to perform the fillers, especially in sensitive areas around mouth.

There are a few things that make us bruise more easily; smoking, fish oil, blood thinning products and intercurrent illnesses.
That is why we encourage a cooling off period (not legally required) between consult and procedure, this will allow time to modify diet, behaviour and introduce medication to optimise outcome.

Following a lip augmentation, patients will be swollen with possible bruising but usually resolves very quickly.

Filler used during a lip augmentation lasts between three to six months, sometimes it comes down to age, volume and type of filler. Patients are seen to metabolise the product faster if they smoke, exercise heavily and some other rare conditions such as hyperthyroidism that may shorten the life span of the injected product.
Permanent lip augmentation options are available.

Semi-permanent fillers last between three and six months and there is a permanent option available.

Typically, Dr Mooney will ask our interstate patients to stay in Sydney for 24 hours. You will need to return should you require a top up or adjustment of your lip treatment.

Typically, Dr Mooney will ask international patients to stay in Sydney for 24 hours following a lip augmentation. You will need to return should you require a top up or adjustment of your treatment.

Patients can return to normal exercise 48 hours after their lip augmentation.

Patients have a good idea of the results after two weeks.

Injectable treatments and lip augmentations are typically a purely cosmetic procedure and cannot be claimed via Medicare or private health fund.