Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery


Sinusitis can present with episodic infection and headache. It can be more severe presenting with chronic sinusitis, nasal obstruction and potentially more serious complications which may involve the eye and the brain.

Often patients have lived with sinus and nose complaints for many years and this is unfortunate as invariably treatment is simple, safe and straight forward and radically improves the patient’s quality of life.


Sinus and nose surgery has evolved significantly in recent years and now it is a simple safe and well tolerated procedure that enjoys a low side effect profile. Usually sinus surgery is performed through the nostrils with no scarring or bruising for the patient. Deviated bones are straightened (Septoplasty) and sinus openings are improved so that the sinuses can drain adequately and this also significantly decreases the chance of further infections (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery/FESS).

Sometimes allergic tissue is reduced to improve nasal airway (Turbinate reduction) and occasionally we team sinus surgery and nose surgery with other procedures such as cosmetic Rhinoplasty, or anti-snoring surgery (UPPP).


Following sinus surgery patients remain in hospital for 24 hours. Sometimes light packing is used inside the nose.

One week off work is usually adequate as it is not a painful or difficult recovery. Patients feel some congestion, like they have a head cold and occasionally there is a small amount of bleeding.

The improved nasal airway kicks in at about week 1 and the patient will attend Dr Mooney’s clinic several times in the post-operative period to ensure that our planned outcome is achieved.

Please contact our Patient Coordinator through our Online Inquiry Form or call 02 8897 0079 to book a consultation today.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


Expect to spend about half an hour to 45 minutes with Dr William Mooney for a thorough septoplasty and sinus consultation.

You will first be greeted by Dr Mooney’s receptionists, they will ask you to fill in a form with basic details.
This is followed by a formal consultation with Dr William Mooney.
He will assess your full medical history and a medical examination is performed.
In particular, Dr Mooney will discuss any sinonasal problems or complaints and other associated problems with nasal dysfunction such as snoring or poor sense of smell and sinusitis.
Thorough examination ensues, Dr Mooney will perform a fibreoptic nasendoscopy examination and test nasal peak inspiratory flow to thoroughly assess your nasal function.
Dr Mooney employs further testing such as CT examination or may seek the council of an immunologist if allergy is a significant issue.
Dr William Mooney will then discuss operative planning, risks and complications.
We always have at least two consultations before surgery. This cooling off period is essential as this is such an important life decision. It is a healthcare stipulation for young patients but we apply to all patients.
At our subsequent consult, we discuss the finer details of the pre-operative treatment; what to wear, eat, think and do as your operation approaches.

Septoplasty and sinus surgery produces Dr Mooney’s happiest patients.
The procedure is safe and enjoys a low complication profile.
It is performed under a general anaesthetic in a formal theatre setting.
There are no external cuts, scars or visible bruises.
An intra nasal incision is performed.
The nasal lining is elevated and the septal deviation is corrected, other intra nasal pathology is dealt with, in particular hypertrophic (enlarged turbinates) are reduced.
Recovery is usually very well tolerated and results are generally excellent with a clear improvement in quality of life.

Following your first septoplasty & sinus consultation, the wait period for surgery is between two to six weeks.

Septoplasty and sinus surgery can take up to one hour.

No, septoplasty is a very well tolerated procedure and analgesic requirements are low.

There should be no swelling or bruising, septoplasty and sinus surgery is internal surgery only.

Two weeks off work is sufficient.

Dr Mooney and the pre-operative nurse will go through all of your operative planning a couple of weeks before the septoplasty & sinus surgery.

It can be either but we usually suggest an overnight stay for patient comfort and support.

Septoplasty and Sinus surgery are performed at Bondi Junction Private and Lingard Private Hospital.

Breathing should return to normal on day six.

Prior to your septoplasty and sinus surgery, you may be advised to stop and start certain supplements.
Dr Mooney and the pre-operative nurse will go through all of your operative planning a couple of weeks before surgery.

Typically, Dr Mooney will ask our interstate patients to stay in Sydney for 10 days following your septoplasty and sinus surgery.

Typically, Dr Mooney will ask international patients to stay in Sydney for three weeks following your septoplasty and sinus surgery.

Prior to your procedure, patients are required to lock in the post-operative appointments with Dr Mooney and the post-operative nurses. Dr Mooney and the pre-operative nurse will go through all of your operative planning a couple of weeks before septoplasty and sinus surgery.

A small portion of the septoplasty and sinus surgery procedure can be claimed via Medicare. Depending on the level of health cover you have, there may be claimable items such as hospital cover. This will be determined following a consultation with Dr William Mooney.

Following the septoplasty and sinus procedure, no exercise week one, walking week two, light cardio week three is permitted, light weights week four and back to normal week five to six.

The results of a septoplasty and sinus surgery are permanent.