Tip Plasty


A tip-plasty procedure is able to addresses any concerns a patient may have specifically with their nasal tip. The surgeon is able to alter the cartilaginous tip alone without operating on other areas of the nose such as the bridge which is composed of bone

For many surgeons, the tip of the nose is the most challenging aspect of rhinoplasty as it is the tip that contributes a large percentage to the overall appearance of not only the nose but the entire face.

With decades of experience, DR Mooney has developed the ‘Diamond Tip’ surgical technique to ensure the best possible nasal tip for patients. Dr Mooney has presented his findings on this technique at several international conferences and is referred to as one of the premier rhinoplasty surgeons in the industry.


Post images are taken between 3 to 12 months
after procedure. Individual patient results may
vary, these pictures do not in any way guarantee
a specific outcome. DISCLAIMER



Tip-plasty can be performed via both an open and closed approach, both under general anaesthetic, however due to increased visibility and accessibility Dr Mooney favours the open approach.
As with traditional rhinoplasty, the open approach is accessed through a small incision made through the columella (in between the two nostrils). Nasal tip surgery generally involves various cartilage grafting and suturing techniques in order to sculpt the tip. For some rhinoplasty revision cases and minor nasal tip correction, Dr Mooney may choose to use a closed approach in which the tip is accessed via the nostrils with no incisions.

Patient may seek tip-plasty if they are unhappy with the tip beeing to: square, round, bulbous, narrow, wide, droopy, or crooked.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


Expect to spend about an hour with Dr William Mooney for a thorough consultation.

  • You will first be greeted by Dr Mooney’s receptionists, they will ask you to fill in a form with basic details.
    One of Dr Mooney’s trained nurses will begin by taking high resolution images for subsequent digital images. The nurse will also provide a pre-consultation.
    This is followed by a formal consultation with Dr William Mooney.
    He will assess your full medical history, past trauma, past surgical procedures and a medical examination is performed.
    In particular, Dr Mooney will discuss any sinonasal problems or complaints and other associated problems with nasal dysfunction such as snoring or poor sense of smell, hay fever and sinusitis.

Thorough examination ensues, Dr Mooney will perform a fibreoptic nasendosopic examination and test nasal peak inspiratory flow to thoroughly assess your nasal function
We then move onto cosmetic assessment, using our digital photography.
We use real time high resolution imagery in both 2D and 3D to plan a new nasal contour for you.
Dr William Mooney will then discuss operative planning, risks and complications.
We always have at least two consultations before the procedure. This cooling off period is essential as this is such an important life decision. It is a healthcare stipulation for young patients but we apply to all patients.
At our subsequent consult, we discuss the finer details of the pre-operative treatment; what to wear, eat, think and do as your operation approaches.

You will also revisit the digitally modified images and don’t move forward until the patient and doctor are fully appraised and happy with the plan.

Following you first consultation, the wait period for the tip plasty procedure is between two to six weeks.

No, the patient should not experience any pain during the procedure.

Depending on your pathology the procedure will vary.
The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic in a formal theatre setting.
It is a meticulous and exacting surgery for the surgeon but fairly simple and straight forward in terms of recovery for the patient.

A tip plasty can take between one to two hours in the operating theatre.

Following the tip plasty procedure bruising and swelling will usually take couple of weeks to go down before you return to your regular social interactions.

Two weeks is ideal but 10 days seems adequate for most of our patients.

Dr Mooney and the pre-operative nurse will go through all of your operative planning a couple of weeks before your rhinoplasty procedure.
Some food stuffs such as chilli, garlic and galangal do increase prolonged bruising.

Tip plasty usually only requires a day stay but this will depend on the social situation and current health of the patient.

Bondi Junction Private and Lingard Private Hospital.

Dr Mooney has been performing tip plasty for over 20 years.

Prior to your surgery, you may be advised to stop and start certain supplements.
Dr Mooney and the pre-operative nurse will go through all of your operative planning a couple of weeks before surgery.

Typically, Dr Mooney will ask our interstate patients to stay in Sydney for seven to 10 days.

Typically, Dr Mooney will ask our international patients to stay in Sydney for seven to 10 days.

Prior to your procedure, patients are required to lock in the post-operative appointments with Dr Mooney and the post-operative nurses. Dr Mooney and the pre-operative nurse will go through all of your operative planning a couple of weeks before surgery.

A small portion of this procedure can be claimed via Medicare if the procedure is performed due to functional issues and/or concerns. Depending on the level of health cover you have, there may be claimable items such as hospital cover. This will be determined following a consultation with Dr William Mooney.

When the cast is removed patients can see the direction the nose is headed.

Sometimes, there will be across the columella (strip of skin between nostrils).
These stitches are removed day seven or 10 by your pre-operative nurse.

Sometimes, scarring is minimal at most but darker skin patients can have a longer resolution time.
Face Plus Medispa’s services are available to Dr William Mooney’s patients. If a patient thinks the scar is unsightly, they can attend further treatments at the leading Medispa clinic.

Following the tip plasty procedure, no exercise week one, walking week two, light cardio week three is permitted, light weights week four and back to normal week five to six.