Have they or haven’t they? : Celebrity transformations Part two

Tom Cruise

Dr Mooney believes that if Tom Cruise has had rhinoplasty – it was a good one, performed by a talented and conservative surgeon that clearly wanted to retain the shape of the nose with just a slight reduction in size of the bridge and perhaps slight reduction in bulbousness of the tip.  Dr Mooney performs many male rhinoplasty procedures and emphasises the importance of performing natural looking male rhinoplasty that focuses on small refinements that suit the male face and retain one’s masculinity.

Tom has also been rumoured to of undergone lower blepharoplasty surgery in the past for his under-eye bags, and although Tom also requires an upper-blepharoplasty Dr Mooney cautions that this would need to be executed with great care for the media not to notice the change as he has always had a very heavy brow.

To an untrained eye, upon examination of recent photos of Tom one may assume that he has had a botched surgery or too much botulinum toxin.  However, Tom’s ‘puffy’ appearance can only really be attributed to over-filling with injectable gel filler, or an injectable facial volumizer such as poly-L lactic acid which gradually builds and replaces natural collagen.  Tom has always been a very lean man with a lack of facial fullness, and at 50 years of age and such low body fat Tom’s face should appear gaunt and rugged with even deeper accordion lines.  However, he actually appears fuller and softer than his younger days…which in itself seems like a ‘Mission-Impossible’ don’t you think?!

Dr Mooney explains that although he may of had some muscle relaxants to prevent the development of static frown lines, Tom’s face has clearly not been over-toxed as he still has muscle contraction in all the right places. In addition, Dr Mooney notes that unless he has had

a fat-transfer to the face the star did not actually appear to require any facial surgery such as a face-lift as he did not have any great skin laxity or sagginess.

Dr Mooney notes that at Face Plus Medispa – injectable fillers, volumisers, and toxins and used correctly by skilled and experienced injectors to rejuvenate an individual’s appearance with beautiful and natural results.  Tom has likely also had some sort of laser rejuvenation on his face to create such a smooth, plump and radiant 50-year old complexion!  Face Plus Medispa also offers many types of laser treatments that are performed by highly trained Dermal Therapists

Lance Bass

Dr Mooney concludes that Lance Bass has most definitely undergone rhinoplasty surgery.  The former N’Sync star used to sport a much longer nose with a hump deformity and bulbous and droopy tip.  Lance’s current nose is much smaller with a very refined and elevated tip.  Arguably, although the procedure has improved his appearance overall, it has also over-feminised the star.

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