Have they or haven’t they? : Celebrity transformations Part one

Ivanka Trump

Let there be no confusion here, no amount of contouring or airbrushing can account for Ivanka Trump’s dramatic nasal refinement from her early images to present day.

Renowned Rhinoplasty expert and Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr William Mooney explains that not only does Ivanka’s tip appear to have been lifted and refined but she has also bid farewell to her dorsal hump and lateral width of the bridge.

Unfortunately, though such a dramatic change to Ivanka’s nose created a discrepancy to her full mid-cheek area and for a while she appeared to have incongruency between her facial proportions.

Fortunately, though Ivanka now appears to have found that balance through injectable lateral cheek filler or perhaps cheek implants.  The enhancement of her lateral cheek has created harmony between her full mid-cheek and assists in slimming her whole face as her cheek apex is now in a much better position, highlighting her ‘point of beautification’.

Also contributing to the perfecting of Ivanka’s profile after rhinoplasty is a subtle chin augmentation either through injectable filler or a surgical implant.  Early images of Ivanka’s chin appear to be rather receded and out of proportion with her large nose.  Dr Mooney performs chin augmentation on a regular basis, either alone or in conjunction with rhinoplasty to assist in balancing and harmonising the facial profile.

Dr Mooney also predicts that in the not so distant future Ivanka may also add eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to her rap sheet of cosmetic procedures.  When examining her parents it is easy to see why Ivanka has lost the genetic lottery here, inheriting not only Ivana’s heavy brow and lids, but Donald’s too.  But let’s face it – Ivanka is a beautiful woman and if that’s the only thing she has taken from her father’s looks then she’s faired pretty well!

Dr Mooney cautions that Blepharoplasty must be done by a skilled and conservative surgeon as removing too much tissue of the upper eyelid can cause an obvious change in someone’s appearance with a permanently ‘startled’ look.  Dr Mooney prides himself on creating a beautiful, subtle, and natural appearance for his patients opting to undergo blepharoplasty surgery.

Tyra Banks

Dr Mooney notes that African-American beauty Tyra Banks definitely appears to have undergone rhinoplasty as her earlier images show a wider and flatter bridge with a wide and rounded tip.  Her current images however show a smaller and more refined (but still rounded) tip with a more defined and narrow bridge.  However, true to her African-American heritage it appears that Tyra has only slightly reduced the width of her alar (base of the nose).  All of these factors have lead to a mostly successful rhinoplasty transformation for Tyra as her proportions are still appropriate and she hasn’t completely lost all signs of her ethnicity.  An example of a ‘bad’ African-American rhinoplasty would be Michael Jackson:

Dr Mooney explains that African-American (as well as Asian) rhinoplasty is significantly different to traditional Caucasian rhinoplasty as instead of reducing the bridge Tyra has had structure added to hers to elevate it and improve the flattened appearance.  Importantly, Dr Mooney recognises and respects that African and Asian rhinoplasty patients generally seek to improve the appearance of their nose whilst preserving their heritage and identity.

Dr Mooney also believes that Tyra may have had some lip augmentation as her upper lip appears to have grown fuller rather than thinner over the years.  Tyra has likely had some injectable filler to the lips, particularly the upper lip to allow it to appear plumper and more in proportion with the rest of her face.  Dr Mooney believes this treatment has been executed well as it has helped to balance her features.  It is acceptable and attractive for women of African or Asian decent to have closer to a 50:50 upper to lower lip ratio, whereas Caucasian women should aim for a 1/3 – 2/3 ratio in order to keep it looking how nature has intended. 

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