New Techniques in Lifting the Mid Face Area

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Injecting techniques for minimizing Naso Labial Folds (the fold of skin cupping the sides of our mouth) have changed over the last few years. The concept of injecting a Hyaluronic acid directly into the shadow of the fold has primarily disappeared. Today, we look at what causes the fold’s exaggerated appearance. This usually originates in the higher parts of our face (cheek and temple area)where there is typical loss of collagen and fat, known as volume, and presents as uninflated excess skin. With the help of gravity and the loss of volume, the excess skin becomes evident in the Naso Labial Folds, which to some can be one of the first signs of the years passing. In this practice, we inject at the site of cause with a durable Hyaluronic acid which is specifically chosen for the degree of volume loss.

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