Jean-Charles Neveu Collins

Jean-Charles’ has over 11 years experience in the manufacturing of medicinal products and medical devices for the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry. During this time, he has worked as a Quality Assurance Manager ensuring product safety and compliance with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) guidelines.

Jean-Charles has worked for market-leading Aesthetic company, Allergan, as a Quality Assurance Manager where he was responsible for manufacturing muscle relaxant medicines and dermal fillers. Thanks to this experience, Jean-Charles has strong product and safety knowledge which he implements into his current role with pride.

Since 2008, Jean-Charles has specialised in muscle relaxant injections and dermal filler injections, his clinical training and business development role saw him assisting both new and experienced doctors and nurses. These clinics encompassed initial introductory techniques to more advanced injection techniques, with both muscle relaxant injections and dermal filler injections. During this time, Jean-Charles was lucky enough to work alongside some of Australia and the world’s leading injectors and trainers.

Jean-Charles’ strengths include a good aesthetic eye, strong product knowledge and advanced injecting techniques. He values safety, ethics, professionalism and respect of protocols. He is a people person with great communication skills who will make you feel comfortable by discussing and addressing your concerns, ensuring great results and satisfaction.

Jean-Charles sees facial cosmetic medicine as artistry medicine, he keeps a natural look for his patients by addressing all signs of ageing with a holistic approach – focusing on facial muscle relaxation, contouring, skin texture and wellbeing. He’s passionate about enhancing one’s natural beauty.

Jean-Charles thinks it’s important to keep facial expressions and patients’ unique personality: “We don’t want to be nor look like the photo shopped model or celebrity on a magazine’s cover, we want to remain ourselves and bring out our inner beauty by softening the harsh reality of ageing”.

Jean-Charles specialises in the treatment of:
• Lip Enhancement
• Muscle relaxant and dermal filler facial artistry
• Liquid Face Lift using dermal fillers
• Skin Care Specialist
• Skin photo-rejuvenation and skin tightening