Are Surgical Face Lifts a thing of the past?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When discussing skin laxity, in Dr William Mooney’s practice, Surgical Face Lifts are no longer the de riggeur as alternative minimally invasive procedures have become preferable for, results, recovery quality, expediency, simplicity and cost savings that can be undertaken in the Drs rooms, as opposed to a hospital which includes a general anaesthetic. Surgical Face Lift does, of course, remain possible, only, however as a last resort following injectables either alone or in conjunction with facial threads.

If you are thinking Face Lift it is likely you are seeing apparent “fallen face”.  In fact, faces do not fall it is everyone’s experience of losing facial volume, ie, collagen and fat, that has gone from supporting facial areas that has left the skin without foundation…no one escapes this dilemma!! Why does it seem less apparent on friends? Because they have usually addressed their natural ageing appearance earlier with the fabulously wide range of “looking well for your age” product choices. Placed specifically, Injectable fillers are major in this process.

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