HOT TREND Injectable Rhinoplasty

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Injectable Rhinoplasty (IR) first arrived on the cosmetic surgery scene in 2010 but was limited to a few practitioners who specialized in this procedure. In 2013, it has become one of the most popular stand alone non-surgical procedures for correcting and re balancing nasal irregularities.

Temporary or longer lasting fillers are used to correct asymmetry of nasal cartilages and minor tip abnormalities, they are also used to disguise a noticeable nasal hump. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for having Injectable Rhinoplasty, yet this can be easily assessed upon consultation.

Prior to having IR, a saline solution can be injected into the area of irregularity, this is done so the patient can preview the end result before committing to a change that can last up to 2 years with a temporary filler, or approximately 7 years with a longer lasting filler.

Once the patient decides to go ahead with IR, the filler is injected, targeting the irregularity at the surface of the nose, or the Naso Labial angle (the mid line under the nose that leads down the cupids bow).

There is little to no down time. The procedure is relatively pain free, aside from slight stinging at the injection site. It is rare that bruising would occur and if it does, it’s slight and can be covered with make up.

Approximate costs $990-$1500.

For further information on this procedure, please contact (02) 8897 0097