Asian Noses

What is the main objective you associate with the term ‘rhinoplasty’ or ‘nose job’? To make the nose smaller right? Well no, not necessarily. As is often the case with Asian rhinoplasty, patients will typically require augmentation rhinoplasty to increase the projection of a bridge that is flatter, and to increase definition of a tip that is rounder. Caucasians on the other hand usually require reductive rhinoplasty in which the bridge and nasal tip are reduced. 

Combining Cultures
Historically, individuals have taken cosmetic surgery to the extremes (think Michael Jackson circa 1990). Subsequently, it has been viewed by some as a way of ‘escaping’ one’s ethnicity, with individuals ashamed to undergo surgery due to this stigma. Fortunately, public perception has changed dramatically over the years. The emphasis of surgical procedures is now strongly aligned with preserving identity and ethnicity, with the goal to enhance and improve rather than to create an extreme change in appearance. In order to achieve this outcome it is important that your surgeon is experienced in understanding the wishes of the individual and the type of nose that would actually suit the patient’s facial features and cultural background. Asian rhinoplasty is about achieving harmony between Asian and Caucasian ethnicities, balancing and enhancing the appearance without completely erasing Asian characteristics.

Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty
Although there are many benefits of non-surgical Asian rhinoplasty, in some cases surgery is required, often reserved for very flat and splayed noses. Suitability will be established through a full consultation with Dr Mooney in which individual facial aesthetics are considered, health history is noted, photographs are taken, and digital imaging software is used to explain the changes possible through surgery.

Surgical intervention allows the surgeon to perform the ‘gold standard’ in Asian nose augmentation. As Asian noses tend to be under projected, in order to achieve the desired outcome, either synthetic implants or autologous grafts (often harvested from the patient’s own nasal septal cartilage) are used to build up the nose and increase projection. The autologous graft technique, preferred by Dr Mooney, produces the best cosmetic results with considerably lower chances of rejection and infection compared to nasal implants.

Often, Asian patients will have a wider alar base (nostril width) requiring reduction that can be completed in-clinic. However if it is required, a more extensive alar reduction can be achieved through surgery. Functional issues can also be attended to in theatre such as sinusitis and deviated septum which can be causing a reduced breathing capacity. Although not necessary in all Asian patients, surgery can also allow the width of wide nasal bones to be reduced.

Injectable Asian Rhinoplasty
With surgical rhinoplasty surgeons are able to reduce, reshape, augment and reposition the nose. However with injectable rhinoplasty the nose is only able to be augmented, which can be perfect for the typical East-Asian nose that is commonly deficient and only requiring augmentation.

Patients are able to avoid the operating room and associated risks and expenses by having the procedure in-clinic with injectable fillers into the bridge, tip, and nasal spine. Synthetic fillers used are either semi-permanent (Hyaluronic Acid) or permanent (Polyacrylamide gel). This non-surgical procedure uses these injectable fillers to create volume in the nose where needed, increasing the overall appearance by building structure and balance.

Patients with considerably wide nostrils who are candidates for injectable rhinoplasty can still avoid a visit to the operating room by undertaking an alar base reduction in-clinic. Some patients may even benefit from alar base reduction alone.

Injectable Asian rhinoplasty is ideal for patients hoping to achieve a look that improves their own perception of their nose but that is less noticeable to others than surgery. Results are truly amazing and there is zero downtime.  

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