Rhinoplasty Surgery: The Recovery

An overnight stay in hospital is standard following rhinoplasty surgery. In this time nursing staff are able to monitor the patient’s condition and provide any medications necessary while they rest.

For approximately 5 days following surgery patients will wear an external splint on the bridge of their nose, and some internal tubular splints inside the nose. Apart from some swelling of the nasal passages, if the airway is kept free from build-up there is no reason why the patient wouldn’t be able to breathe freely through the nose in this time.

For around three days, approximately three small stitches will be present along the columella underneath the nasal tip. After the second post-operative appointment when stitches are removed, other than the possibility of bruising and swelling, the patient has no obvious signs of surgery.

The amount of bruising and swelling is extremely variable and unpredictable between individuals, however, most patients are fine to return to work after 2.5-3 weeks.

That said, the final result can sometimes take longer to appear, especially individuals of a Mediterranean background with thicker and oilier skin types. Your preoperative nurse will educate you on optimising your lifestyle factors to assist with your recovery. This includes dietary changes, medication changes and most importantly ceasing smoking which if continuing can delay wound healing and increase risk of infection.

Dr William Mooney and the pre-operative team spend a significant amount of time in clinic preparing patients to ensure recovery time is as short and as safe as possible. Patients are encouraged to commence herbal supplements and vitamin B pre-operatively for one week and are continued post-operatively.

“The three biggest mistakes I caution patients about post rhinoplasty are:

Smoking, returning to work too soon and being inpatient with their outcome expectations” advises Dr William Mooney.

Time is the greatest healer in rhinoplasty and it is important that patients attend their follow up appointments meticulously.

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