Perfecting Profiles:  Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and chin augmentation combined

Before making the decision to undergo Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, and Chin augmentation, with Dr William Mooney, Danielle had been contemplating surgery for a very long time.  She had always disliked the appearance of her nose, feeling that it was simply too large for her petite face and body. ‘I feel like it’s the first thing people look at’, she says.

Breathing difficulties were also an issue for Danielle, caused by a deviated septum, requiring a septoplasty to straighten the septum allowing increased air flow through the nasal airway.

Although not previously considered, after consultation with Dr Mooney which included digital imaging, Danielle could see the advantages of chin augmentation to further balance her features as she was somewhat receded in this area.  ‘A chin that is weak or receded can cause the nose to look larger and more prominent than it is in reality’, explains Dr Mooney.  Although the main focus for many patients may be the appearance of their nose, if necessary it is also important to consider other facial features in order to achieve the best aesthetic result.

Although an implant was originally considered, Danielle ultimately decided on hyaluronic acid gel filler as a temporary treatment to ‘trial’ how a chin implant would look prior to making a more permanent decision.  Augmenting the chin with injectable fillers helps to create facial balance by either elongating and sharpening, or as in Danielle’s case; projecting the chin anteriorly in order to create a more attractive and harmonised profile with the nose.

Many patients seek rhinoplasty to achieve balance and proportion, especially on profile view.  In many cases such as Danielle’s, this objective was best achieved through performing chin augmentation in addition to rhinoplasty.  Simultaneous procedures also offer patients a number of benefits including a single general anaesthetic, shared recovery time meaning less time taken from work and social activities, and avoidance of additional hospital costs.  The nose and chin are the two key features in the balancing and perfecting of facial profiles. Read our Blog “Balance & Proportion: Facial Implants” 

By performing the procedures together the surgeon is able to achieve the most pleasing results for the entire face by ensuring size and shape of features are in perfect harmony, resulting in improved balance and proportions.  Studies conducted have also concluded that patients who undertake both procedures simultaneously are more satisfied with their results overall.  This may be due to the combination of procedures allowing the patient to achieve dramatic results with less surgical adjustment, resulting in a more subtle and natural result. Read our blog “Rhinoplasty: The Surgery”

Before choosing the appropriate surgeon Danielle undertook lengthy research.  ‘I’ve done a lot of research into who I wanted to perform the procedure,’ she explains.  As a Sydney-sider, Danielle found the list of surgeons performing rhinoplasty to be endless.  An important factor for her however was that the surgeon she chose was also able to treat her functionally as well as aesthetically.   As Dr Mooney is a cosmetic surgeon as well as a qualified ear nose and throat surgeon he was able to address functional issues easily with no fuss, performing a combined rhino-septoplasty without the need for two surgeons in the theatre performing different stages of the operation.  In addition, Danielle was impressed by Dr Mooney’s documented results online.  ‘All the before and afters that I saw on the website were amazing, and they were all noses that suited the individuals’.  Danielle also knew personally a number of patients that had achieved fantastic results from Dr Mooney which added to her confidence in selecting him as her surgeon.

One week prior to her surgery Danielle had a pre-operative appointment with one of the nurses at the clinic.  ‘She took me through every step of the way pre and post, so I feel like there’s no surprises’, says Danielle.  This process allowed her the time she needed to ask questions and not feel rushed, further allaying any anxieties.  This appointment in addition to the consultation with Dr Mooney allowed Danielle to commence her surgery completely prepared and relaxed.  She also felt well educated and understood that it is common to have bruising around the eyes, and often swelling that can take some time to fully resolve.  Danielle’s expectations were very realistic going into her first post-operative appointment for cast and splint removal.  ‘I do realise the result I’m going to see on Tuesday is not the final result’, but Danielle remained enthusiastic knowing that her new nose was going to continue to improve each day from then on out.  Prior to surgery Danielle mostly experienced feelings of excitement, ‘I just can’t wait to have that bit of my life gone and just to become really confident in the way I look’.

Two months post surgery, Danielle’s nasal function has been improved significantly, enabling her to complete a whole new level of exercise that she previously unable to do.

Cosmetically, Danielle is absolutely thrilled with her early result.   She is especially ecstatic to no longer see the dorsal hump on her nose.  This has greatly increased her confidence, especially on profile-view, and she is loving her new appearance in photos.

Danielle also notes that although there is still some residual tip swelling, she understands that this is a very normal and expected occurrence.  Although she realises her final result could take 6-12 months she is already so happy with the improvement of her appearance.  Danielle attributes her positive surgical experience to good preparation, realistic expectations, and adhering closely to instructions from Dr Mooney and his team.

Post nose and chin augmentation Danielle now feels that the balance and harmony of her profile has been completely restored.  Dr Mooney demonstrates great skill and expertise when selecting the type and degree of cosmetic correction that each patient receives, always taking into consideration factors such as ethnicity and other facial features.  Danielle feels she now has ‘the nose she should have been born with’, and that friends and family never commented that she looked ‘weird or different’, but exactly the same as she always did, just improved..!

Ultimately, Danielle feels her surgery was the best decision she has ever made.

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