Nixing that ‘Not So Wonderful’ Chin Wag

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Us Aussies love a natter. A chat. A good old-fashioned gossip. But when the chin keeps wagging long after the words have ceased, Dr William Mooney –peerless Australian Cosmetic and ENT surgeon – assures there is no need to be alarmed, simply aware, of your options.

As we age, the skin on the chin and neck – which has been mobile all our lives because of a constant range of movement – becomes inherently loose. Add to this the oft-neglected and unprotected décolletage area becoming sun-damaged and aged environmentally, and you have one large, highly visible area, that needs attention. STAT!

But it’s not as simple as an injectable or peel to remedy, notes Dr Mooney.

The chin is historically a difficult area to treat,” he explains. “Scarring is hard to hide and the neck – because of its mobility – is difficult to perfect.”Other significant causes of ‘turkey neck’ or ‘chin wag’ is written right there in your DNA and your waistline. If your mum has it, you no doubt will, and if you’ve undergone some big weight gain and subsequent loss in your life, you’re sure to be afflicted also, he cautions. That frequent fat pad under the chin is often resistant to classic weight loss techniques and may remain when the rest of you becomes slimmer!”  In clinic options include the Titan Laser, which can tighten skin a little but not reduce the fat pad, or Sub-Mental Lipo, which provides a more long-term, noticeable approach.

The latter can be performed under local or general anaesthetic,” explains Dr Mooney of the crazy sounding, but not so silly, wiggle-eliminating option. “It is simple and safe and may be performed with other procedures such as chin augmentation, Thread Lift and Laser.  The results are excellent, with dressings only needed for one week, pain significantly low and bruising common, but far from unsightly” Meaning, that next time you cut the chitchat, your chin will follow suit.

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