Going Up! Elevating Your Visage The Easy Way

Monday, December 22, 2014

No matter which way you look at it, creams and collagen-boosting diets can only do so much towards ‘lifting’ the face.

When all else falls short, you may want to consider a little expert help to get a beautifying boost, suggests pioneering Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr William Mooney

“The Thread Lift is a fantastic option here,” he says, of the safe, effective, unisex procedure whereby modified surgical threads are looped under the skin to lift sagging parts of the face.

You know the areas: those jowls that seem to appear on the eve of your 40th birthday and the apples of your cheeks that no longer look so ripe for the picking? That’s them! “If you find yourself looking in the mirror, lifting your cheek skin and wishing it didn’t droop, then this is for you,” assures Dr Mooney.

Conjecture abounds as to which celebrities have been savvy enough to opt for the Thread Lift, and fingers have been pointed to the eternally youthful Kylie Minogue.

Although Dr Mooney won’t ruminate, he does agree that her facial contours mirror that of a classic post-thread silhouette. “The hallmark sharp jaw and full cheeks in a 40+ year old is very typical of good thread work,” he comments.

Downtime is minimal and the pain-factor is low. As for scars? Pah! So stealth and expert is the Thread Lift procedure with Dr Mooney’s leading Sydney Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, that scars are pinpoint and under the hairline.

Furthermore, the Thread Lift is performed under local anaesthetic and in approximately an hour, making it a no-brainer for those on-the-go who need to remedy certain signs of ageing S.T.A.T!

However, this is not the secret to eternal youth, points out Dr Mooney. “Unfortunately the progress of time is inevitable, and subsequent ageing does occur,” he says. “But I have seen good results for ten years from this and it can be easily repeated if needed.”

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