Non Surgical Face Lifting

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Surgical face lifts have definitely lost their appeal due to the advances in technology. The superior procedure of non-surgical thread placement has taken precedence in our rooms as the results are natural and not over done. The tightness of facial skin matches the appearance of the rest of your body. Threads are suitable for females and males of any age as long as you are not carrying excessive weight. Additionally, recovery is a comparative 7-10 days with it being possible to socialize from about 5 days with just a little swelling. Unlike surgery, there is no wound or scarring to heal from, no disfiguring hair line and is performed under Local Anaesthetic in the comfort of our procedure rooms.

The number of threads needed is dependent on skin laxity and volume loss, both being normal results of ageing. Threads can be a stand alone procedure or done in conjunction with fillers which usually gives a superior result. Threads last a good ten years, along with the consistent care from Dr Mooney and his highly skilled team and an easy to follow skin care plan, the appearance of your face will have you looking your best for your age.

To determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the thread lifting procedure, contact our clinic on 02 8897 00797