The Ultimate Eye Lift

Friday, July 19, 2013

Face Plus Medispa by Dr William Mooney have the perfect treatment to revive tired, puffy, dark or hollowing eyes.

For puffy eyes or excess fatty tissue we have the ultimate non-surgical ‘Eye lift’ treatment and also clinic procedures for the candidates that may need a little more than a non-surgical hit.

Using a combination of Laser Genesis treatments (which stimulates collagen, plumps fine lines & firms the skin’s texture) and our Face Plus speciality treatment “Eye Revive” which hydrates and reduces fluid retention in the eye area. This is achieved by using a combination of acupressure, herbal eye repair ampules and then sealing the treatment with an eye contour cream and collagen fleece mask.

Treatment plan:

Starting with the Laser Genesis “Eye lift”  treatments, then followed by an Eye Revive treatment, one week later.


Laser Genesis: Eyes Only (15 min) $125 (recommended treatments x 4-6,  monthly)

Eye Revive (15 min) $45 per treatment (1-2 treatments recommended)

There are still solutions for those who have excess fatty tissue that cannot be reduced by the non-surgical treatments, this may need an in clinic or day surgery procedure, this would mean excising the fatty tissue and suturing the skin together, leaving a neat incision near the lash line which is barely visible.

Recovery 5-7 days, Costs start at $4200 in clinic, or $3900 + hospital and anaesthetic.

For Dark Circles Again a series of LG treatments as above.

This is then followed one week later by an injection of hyaluronic acid under the eye area, this will fill the hollowing under the eye which also improves darkness under the eyes.

For more information on these procedures, contact our clinic on 02 8897 00797